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The Body Rock

Busta Rhymes

[Puff Daddy]

See when we like to make you shake your ass, move your hips
So we gonna do a little something like this
Flipmode, Bad Boy
Check this out

Tell me how it feels, is it hot is not
Does it drop cash like a slot
Does it stay streeted go pop
Checkin out what Flipmode got, mad hip-hop
Chartin number one, drinks in the sun
Eighty times so we can get sponged, shake it hon
All a brother know is make the hit get the dough
Makin grandmas hit the floor, really though
It's my thang my slang
Rich motherfuckers gettin chicks at the
Bringin my team to the joint wit Alan Iversan runnin on point
Don't smoke a spliff on the joint
And when you see they on point
Cause I, I be that nigga wit the million dollar figures
Gettin all up in they bitches
Leavin they pussy in stitches, uh


Aiyyo I'm on to the next level
I'm gettin rich, friends said I switch
I got me a bad chick, live up in the hills
Pay my mom's bills, recoup a half a mil
Still got my deal, pop the 700 Benz-o
you never seen, cash money fiend
A lot of cats wanna dream
Pack a shorty black or Phillipian
The way I eat my shrimp with steam
I'm the man with the gangsta lean, what, what
Yo I split your whole spleen if you know what I mean
Call me little rabcash, I get you for your stash
VIP pass, ave all the gas, I make it last

Chorus: Busta Rhymes

To my people in the front if you ready to bump a say
"Don't stop the body rock"
To my people in the back if your not a wack a say
"Don't stop the body rock"
To my people in the left if you hot to death a say
"Don't stop the body rock"
To my people in the right wanna party tonight just say
"Don't stop the body rock"


Since Mase refuse to lose, we makes numeral moves
Cause I'm smoother than them dudes and them two thousand dollarshoes
When I move to new Jerus, cause I like the cruise
and my six double-o, blast weed, love the dough
I'm that Goodfella, what the hella they can tell me
Smoke my la la out in LA, who's ready
Juice heavy back in blue Chevy
See angealan they winnin, a nigga need the chedda
Cause I'm more in a broad way
With all A's and platinum
There been many things we touch
Never had in finance so I never had to deduct shit 1.8
And every week I have to re-up
So what, so what

[Busta Rhymes]

Aiyyo check out the way me and my niggas always be whippin shit
The way that I display no flavor and do it so intricate
Pidda and padda padda and pidda over with the shit
U u u u u oh y'all niggaz be yappin to make me sick of it
Hit you wit shit that y'all niggaz never ever forget
Fuckin wit my niggaz just like you playin russian roulette
Ooh me and my whole baton coming soon
Make a make room, we diesel like a bunch of balloons
A yo yo make ya damage, all of my niggaz damage ya
Tryin to alter our lavage liven niggaz y'all turn savage
Yo Flipmode and Bad Boy collabo'
Makin sure all of you niggaz all stay home

Chorus 2x

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