do you remember the way?
does it mean anything to you at all?
if the voices, they say something
you thought you had it before
but i can promise you this
there's only way it can go
stick with me if you want
but i do not know the answer

to the things that you're looking for i don't believe, but i think that somehow
we'll get where we're going in time

pay the man for his sleight of hand
it's not the one that you want
look alive as my dad would say
what did you think it would cost?
think i knew you from a long time ago
do you remember name?
does it mean anything to you now?

and you don't have to say it's been fun it's been swirling around in my head
and it keeps me awake at night

i could tell you a thing or two
but i'd rather just sit in this room
watching the shadows grow long

do you know how it happened?
did you see the car approach?
did you realize just how close you'd come?
did it feel like being alive?

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