Foto do artista Carlos Lyra

My Misadventure (minha Desventura)

Carlos Lyra

Oh! Bitter, desperate sentiment
That makes me cry in vain
Oh! Hurtful, endless torment
That will slay my heart with pain
How I kissed your tender lips
How I've missed
Your splendid face
And the bliss of your embrace
Can I stand this torture?
For my misadventure's here
Because I've lost your love
Oh! How I do regret my fear
For that has cost your love
Your sure love much more than mine

Your pure love that yearned for me
Oh! My love, return to me
There can be no future
For my misadventure lives
Because I've killed your love
Oh! How I wish I could believe
That I am still your love
Oh! Cruel, torturous moment
Of pain and goodbye
Don't show me any mercy
Hurt me without pity
For I have denied my love
Oh! If she won't reply
I know I'm going to die of love

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