Foto do artista Carlos Lyra

The Big Bad Wolf (lobo Bobo)

Carlos Lyra

Once there was a Big Bad Wolf
In search of someone good to meet.
Cruising down the street,
One day he wheeled right up
Beside a mighty cute

Red Riding Hood in bathing suit
Who heard him give
His horn a toot.
With manner debonair,
He grinned and smoothed his hair.

But Riding Hood thought twice
On her granny's good advice:
"Remember, when a wolf seems nice
You say to him, 'No dice'!"

How he pleaded, vowed love,
And even promised to reform.
The sight of her in her swim suit
Would melt the heart of almost any brute!

But Big Bad Wolf was not too cool,
When he failed to guess
That girl's I.Q.
She saw through his disguise,
And said she liked
His big blue eyes!

The moral of this tale shows,
You see, how fate takes shape.
Red Riding Hood now wears a new
Fur collar on her cape!

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