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Ready, Set, Go

Caroline's Spine

Scott and I were good friends,
ruled the neighborhood with no fear,
'cause she was just one of the boys there,
until the day she started lookin' at me weird.

She said 'I wanna kiss you',
then she threw me down to the grass.
I was more scared baby then could be,
she said if I told her dad she'd kick my ass.
And she grabbed me by the face, said,
'On your mark, get ready, set...'

We stayed close as the years flew by,
went on to different high schools.
I remember she snuck up to my room one night,
and asked me if I wanted to break some rules.

Her attitude is having to pull me down,
Burned my bridge right to the ground.
Never mind what I ever said before.
Not just the girl next door no more.

She put her hands upon my face, said,
'On your mark, get ready, set, go'.
This'll be our little special place,
let's go find out what you now know.

Somethings in your life you say,
other things you say you want.

Very next morning, I awoke with a chill.
She had left a flower on my window sill.
And as I viewed the footprints from the night before,
I realized I wasn't a boy no more.

And I stumbled on her face,
On your mark, get ready, set, go.
This was a little special place.
And I found out what I now know.

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