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And Forever

Carpe Tenebrum

And she leaves you, sees you, weeping as you
thought you saw the storm,
callous colours of drawings
without seeing in,
the negativity a lie
and the all deluded moonlight prescribed screaming abyss
that mocks you until you don't know,
while catagons breed serpents
and the sigils weep into snakes
and the tyrant lost of the suns gaze
seems to kneel in a sand that they took away,
only seeing what you are not too afraid to
because it's all a nothing,
a dreamscape void with wings and flight
and he's following,
they're mocking,
he's following,
run and screaming through
as the temperament of linear dredging spirits itself to the flat
our face of actually haunting a dimension,
and we won't die,
pain she said,
and we won't die,
cruel she said
and we won't die

...and forever.

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