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Hope Is Near

Carpe Tenebrum

Burning across the plains
Always before, riding for the sea
Abzu we call
Satan there's a way a way for us all
We fight today, natures call - revive

Revive the sea for not we are born
We shall be free, our service moulds
We betrayed our ways
The ways for us all
Seeing across the seas - we shall have all
Waiting for the day - the day they fall
We will be free - satan have all

The sun in our skies
Pegazuz rise
The dark of our mind

We - we ride our name in fear
For we have our own domain
We lead our lives astray
Until we have been obeyed

Sense Of Face
We will, we will not be found
Sacred, sacred is our holy ground
Rebirth, we fight for the right
The right for our fate is bringing war
The order of strength we light the fire
The fire in our brains
Our order is sweet and so we have the thrown
Building our means forever

In our self we have to fight
The fight for our face
Our face in the sky
Prophets are born and people shall die
Gripping with fear at the face in the sky

Truth now behold, behold for a war
Of a war in our fear, our fear to conform

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