The hero in the big white house shakes his head and moans about
The misery of his fellow man just as though he really cared
While the hand he holds behind his back
Conceals the truth from those he is deceiving
The camera rolls another reel while the robots on the hill
Are dashing madly to and fro smiling at the status quo
While in the secret smoke-filled rooms
They sell the very air that you are breathing

When it's payback time and you take that final ride
When there is no place to run to and there ain't no place to hide
The supreme court of the universe where justice is not blind
And no prisoners will be taken when it's payback time

Another day another knife another precious unborn life
Will never see the light of day will never run or jump or play
It's just another sacrifice to that greenback god of choice that you are serving
Their blood cries out to be avenged and someday you will cower and cringe
Where the books don't lie and the judge don't deal no high-priced lawyers to appeal
Where the verdict is eternal and you can't escape the sentence you're deserving

When it's payback time and heaven rules supreme
When your gold and silver's worthless and you stand before the King
When your nightmares are reality and there is no exit sign
And it's too late for repentance when it's payback time
[ keyboards ]
The sun comes up the pendulum swings and each new frightening morning brings
The children's cries the cannon roar more loudly than the day before
The wax of time is drippin' down from both ends of that candle brightly burning
A mighty shout a trumpet blast when the last is first and the first is last
The world is hushed and time stands still and the final chapter is fulfilled
The sky will part each knee will bow to greet the awesome hour of his returning

When it's payback time and the sheep are gathered in
When the role is called up yonder and eternity begins
When the wedding supper's ready and the faithful called to dine
Who'll be sittin' at the table when it's payback time payback time

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