I was screaming at the ceiling
What am I doing here?
This place is not my home
This place is not my home

So desperate for this feeling
To some how disappear
Afraid and filled with doubt
That was then and this is now

So long misery
By grace I've been redeemed
There is love in Your Name
Love in Your Name
There's one thing that I know
For every searching soul
There's love in Your Name
Love in Your Name Jesus

There is a power like no other
And it's stronger than all fear
Your Name is wonderful
Your Name is wonderful

Now there is nothing sweeter
Like music to my ears
Your Name is beautiful
Something so beautiful


So wherever You take me
I know I'm not alone
Your love has made a way for me


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Composição: Chasen Callahan / Ian Eskilin / Tony Wood. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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