Hey, would you change your mind today
If I told you love, things would never be the same
Hey, He can take your pain away
Despite your many scars, He'll meet you where you are

I don't want to see you fall away
I can hear you say
You're searching for a healing for these wounds you've made

You'll never have to do this alone
Walking the tightrope and bracing the fall
No matter what you've done this far
He's still chasing your broken heart
He's never gonna leave you alone

Hey, so you act like things are fine
But it's not alright behind those lonely eyes
Hey, you can stop this masquerade
It's such a hollow life, got to give up your pride

I don't want to see you walk away
But I can hear you say
You're searching for an answer here it comes today


Escape the place you're in
There is hope for you
It's never too late
It's never too late


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Composição: Chasen Callahan / Rob Hawkins. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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