You still probably think, I just wanna fuck
Is that really, is that really what you think of us
I can promise that, I won't try again
I can't promise I could go and stay just as your friend
Oh no, that's too difficult
Baby I'm a go getter

And there's a voice in the back of my mind
And it's tellin' me to go get her
You make my whole head hurt, yeah
You don't know what you do to me, no
These feelings that you give to me
They play with me
And make me think there's something else
It's fuckin' hell, got no one to tell
But now you know why I call you up
Call you up
Now you know why, now you know why
Now you know

'Cause I think about you when I get high
And I think about you when I get low
Why the fuck you think that I call at night
'Cause I think there's something between us both
Baby all the things that I did not say
Circle in my mind till I drift away

Why the fuck you think that I call at night
Press decline whenever you see my name
But that's fine 'cause you aren't mine
Leave me in the dark till I cannot find no light
Baby take your time, baby take your time
Yeah, yeah, ain't it crazy how I would be myself around you
Didn't have to go and switch my flow
And put no game on you

Ain't it crazy how you would be yourself around me
Used to get so comfortable
You show a side they never see
Used to pull up on the block
Hit you like: Yo, I'm outside
Mama peepin' out the window
She can't see who in my ride
Windows lookin' dark as fuck
Always think I'm tryna fuck

Shoulda took you to the ritz
The last time I picked you up
Am I just goin' crazy
I'm goin' crazy
You don't gotta call me
You don't gotta text me
I'ma just act like I don't care
And call back next week
Yeah, my problems

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