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Once upon a time, I was searchin' for
Love that would break thru chains of mine
I was broken, hurt and abandoned,
By a life not quite what I had in mind

Then I fell down on my knees and
Prayed release me from this pain,
Take away these clouds and
let the sun shine down again
all at once I felt the ceasing of
the pouring rain
a blaze of light shot thru my soul and tore away my chains

And now I'm free, I'm free at last,
Free to live the life I want forget about my past
Now I'm free, I'm free at last -
Free to hope, free to dream, free to love at last

But ever since my independence day I've been released
From things that used to hold me back from finding perfect
Walls I'd built around my life have crumbled around me
My old life has passed away I'm keeping it deceased

Repeat chorus

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Composição: Jason Gregory / Max Hsu. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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