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I Found Love

Church of Rhythm

For who shall give their life away to God shall find
it so give your live away

You've been searchin' for the answer to life's great
What's the purpose of our lives here, specks of sand
In history

Well I know there's a way to dispel all the grey
And make blind eyes to see
I found purpose in knowing the one who created

I found love, when I gave my heart away,
Perfect love came in to stay
I found love, heavens gates are opened wide,
Break on thru to the other side

As you gaze out on this waster land that we call
And you realize how you've messed it up spiraling
Down thru history

Don't give up there is hope at the end of the road
There is peace for you and me,
Open your heart to truth and be set free

(Repeat chorus)

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