16 years ago, one day
I was walking down the street
I wascruising in Brooklyn
You know what I'm saying?
Something was cooking
But, wasn't yet a chicken
There was a man
Selling chicks in a box
He said, 2 for 1, but 3 for 2
I said, that's not bad here'smoney for you

One was magenta, the other was blue
I know my chicken
You got to know your chicken
One day, the blue one went away
The other grew up fuckin' well
She was noisy every night
I had always chicken-bithe
Then I met a lover
One night, she made medinner
Licking finger, I wondered where she got the chicken

I know my chicken
You got to know your chicken
Spare the rod and spoil the chick
Before you go and shit a brick
I know my chicken you got to know your chicken
She wnet ot college to study anatomy
I followed her father's butchery
We got 2 babies. Isn't it cool?
One is magenta, the other is blue
I know my chicken
You gotto know your chicken

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