Please don't let me see
so many problems and disharmony
without knowing the reason
without knowing th facts
and knwoing that knowing can be hard to desire
when the opposite says "releax"
please don't let me see
so much peace and harmony
that I forget to use my eyes
be aware of any shadows behind the light
circular vision and the need to know
one says lets go everywhere the other one sets the sights
please don't let me view
through so many windows I
can't see through
every depth has a surface tension
spreading the ripples in
all directions
making waves can be saying goodbye
but it's also saying here's
the reason why
pleasse don't let me see what I've seen before
without noticing the range of change
please don't let me see without looking
for nothing will ever be strange
please don't let me see the viewpoint
without knowing what the background is
please don't let me see the framework
til I've seen if the picture fits
we woke up didn't feel like sleeping
we spoke up didn't feel like keeping
the silence that hold us apart so much
as we struggle to find the human touch
and a natural urge if discovery
checking out what we weren't
allowed to see
looking around the reality factory

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