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Edge Of The World


It's a bitter cold today
I stood out here for hours
I was looking for an answer
Took a chance, took a chance, took a swing and I missed

Late night and your heart hurts
I gotta get myself unstuck
Now it's so much tougher than I thought it was
Than I thought it was

I stand at the edge of the world
Just staring out at the water
I was a symbol of hope
But I've been pushed a bit farther

And though I feel undone
I got more to offer
This was a big misstep
Now you become a stranger

I'm drawing dead today
Feeling like I'm hollow
There was no more to explain
You stood right there right in front of me

And I could see it in your face
It never stops, it's lasting so much longer
Than I thought it would
Than I thought it would

I remember what it was like
Your golden boy in flowers
Every song for you and I
When we felt easy, we felt alright

I looked at you one last time
And I knew that never again
Would I sing your name
Oh, yeah

You took something so beautiful
And covered it with sorrow
I need to get my head straight
I need to stand a bit taller

Although I feel undone
I got so much to offer
This was a big misstep
Now you are just a stranger

But at the end of the day
There is beauty in tragedy
I hope you find what you need
I hope it's everlasting
I hope you learn to love yourself
I hope you learn to love yourself

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