This won’t be the last song that I write
But it will be for now
I’ve put in my time, and I’ve shown you my all
It’s laid out before you
I give you my heart, but you still don’t want it

So goodbye for now
Oh! I'm gonna miss you while kicking myself
For not getting to kiss you

Though life will go on, and I’ll learn to deal
With just singing these songs
In hopes that you hear me
Well I hope that you hear me

This road just goes on forever it seems
And I travel alone chasing a dream
That may lead me somewhere
That I wanna be or soon teach me to love
The life God gave to me

Now I'm taking a chance by writing this down
While holding my breath until it works itself out
'Cause it’s scary as hell thinking you might not make it
All on your own I guess that’s just what faith is
Maybe this is what faith is

When time take this all away
And there’s nowhere to go but home
I don’t wanna find myself alone and lost
Miles away from you

If I can be brave and hold on to the mystery
In this suffering could I have it all
Without loosing, you again?

If this were the last song that I’d write
Would it reach you at all? Or help change your mind?
Would you give me a chance to let me adore you?
I’ll reach out my hand if you say that you want it

Just say that you want it
Say that you want me

And la la la, la la la la
La la la, la la la la
La la la, la la la la
La la la, la la la la

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