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This Is Our Song

Code Red

Verse 1:
You're so beautiful, divine
Everything are just so fine
And with a love like yours
There is no pain in this world that I can't endure
So beautiful
So wonderful
And as we float on the floor
I hear the music of love

This is our song
This is the song we'll remember forever and ever
It means to you, what it means to me
So from this moment on
This is our song

Verse 2:
Anytime I feel alone
I put on our favorite song
And like the music and words
We merge into one and play on and on
Love so beautiful
Can't find the words to explain
This is our song and our song says it all


Verse 3:
When my skies are gray
Make them clear again
When I'm weak
You are strong
I need to hear the sound
You need to hear the words
This is how it all began

Chorus 2x

This is our song
So forever and ever
And just so you know
We know, we know
We both know
This is our song...

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