It really wasn't you or I who made the final move,
We both could feel it coming and knew it would be soon
Now that it's over I finally realize
That some of my fears were not fully justified
And I find I'm still living much to my surprise,
Y'know, it looks like I just might survive.

I feel the pressure building to block you from my mind
To try and make my thoughts of you pass away with time
But to try and fake a broken heart isn't even worth a try
For we know each other well enough that there's little we can hide
And I find I'm still living much to my surprise
It'll be lonesome without you but I'll survive.

I look back on our romance and there's something in it all
That makes my life without you seem to be so very small.
I know we never played the game with true love as a prize
But we found ourselves a kind of love we had never really tried.
That I let you get so close to me comes as no surprise,
It'll be lonesome without you, lonesome without you,
Lonesome without you but I'll survive, oh yeah.

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