I've been waiting
For you to wake up
And realize I was the one.
You've been waiting
For me to break up
With you so we could be done.

I've been working
For something different
That only we could enjoy.
But you've been workin'
For something different
That only you could destroy.

Can't you see the waves crash over your shoulders?
Can't you see the sun shine here in my eyes?

I don't wanna hear you talking
Or fear you when you're stalking;
You can watch me walkin'
'Cause I'm so much better than that.
Hear me sayin' I'm not participating;
All the games you're playin'
'Cause I'm so much better than that.
Na na na na....

I've been hoping
That you would save me
So I could stand and be strong.
But you've been hoping
To drive me crazy
To tell them all I was wrong.

I'm never gonna take this anymore.
I will not take your hatred anymore.
So you can have your hurt and wear it like a crown!

[Chorus x2]

I've been waiting...

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