There's a shiver in my thighs whenever you're around me
And it fills me with an ache that circles and surrounds me
There's an angel in your smile, a demon in your kisses
If I gave you all my heart you'd send it back in pieces

Everything you do's gonna come back to you
Everything you say's gonna turn on you (in some way)
Everything you've done's gonna bite you back (in some way)
Everything you do's gonna come back to you

There's a darkness in your soul demanding imperfection
And every finger that you point will turn in your direction
I hate the way I love you and I love the way you hate me
When you can barely tolerate me


Try to figure why you always seem to
Find another fault of mine you can scream to
Kicking me, pushing me, biting me, bruising me,
Putting me and keeping me down
It's always this and it's aways that
And it's always something else
But anything you do to me
You ultimately do to yourself

There's a shiver in my soul each time you try to break me
If I don't run you'll drive me crazy


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