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Get Down (remix)

Craig Mack

Craig Mack


Now who got the flav that comes a dime a dozen
Keeps 'em buzzin' thinking that is phat but wasn't
Welcome to the world of Mack (of Mackman)
Like Biggie Smallz might say I eat 'em shits like pac-man
I'm incredible better eat ya vegetables
Cause... I does what I do you (Do it!)
I fake the roof off of soft suckers
Super smackin...macking ...full effect mic check one two
I'm a reign...rain forever, rain like bad weather
Reign like whoever never
You can't bite my style 'cause my style ain't a style
That is a style so I can go buck wild
Bet'cha figure you got more funk for flow it ain't so
Flava in Ya Ear let'cha know
Now I'm about a second, from the hook strap ya rap book
Before you get ya wet style shook

CHORUS: Can I get down, get on down can I get down
Can I get down, get on down, can I get down

The Mack's like a superintendent
Burning MC's leaves a foul scent
See I'm like what ya call, king a yes ya'll
My style wreck shit, I mean real shit shit's thick
I come with the ammo
The real whammo stammo stuff that I be droppin
I wake the great lets warm up the hot plate
I'm changing fate from the neck I'm a castrate
My rap loves to alienate
Shake ya ass to the stake you sunk by dominate
See I ain't scared of you muthafuckas
To me ya all suckers cause I make the ruckus
Don't try to buck us we roll with the cuf
No cuf on the roof bitin' like a sabertooth
I pound on the ground when I get down
So let me get down, let me get down


To leap a tall building, crush the earth for fun
But I'm sayin ain't no fair when MC's run

Lemme tell you what they do when those MC's run
They either run and get their boys or they run and get their gun
Here I stand, the rawest of the raw
We from the Queens town without the floor or flaw
All of the sudden niggaz is bustin' and frontin'
Talk about your busting titles when we're your idols
I'm looking through your minds corridor, you every though transpires
Through the Tribe's attire
We Bad Boys to the heart and post
That Tribe Called Quest, you follow us like coats
Position like a Beamer, y'all need to stop froggin'
If a catch a glimpse it's in the SP loggin'
You name brand tip, what's goin' on love
You know shit is tough and we coming through bugged

Craig Mack
The name of the track is get down
So let me get down and pound all these MC's in the ground

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