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Jockin My Style

Craig Mack

Here comes a rhyme in your ear Craig Mack is here so have no fear
my rhymes push the hack to the rear
I'm severe rap pioneer with funk I steer now it's clear
Rhymes flow to the break of dawn
Exploring MC's I get silly on, like Ponce De Leon
Yet don't foget my style is a banger
MC's I deposit in the closet on a hanger
Mack chop your rhymes like I chop shop chop a Acc
Startin with the bones in your back
Whenever I attack it's like a blow from a axe
Sweet like sugar that be on Sugar Smacks
Facts is Mr. or Mrs.
Can't another rapper see me when it's time for gettin biz
And the moral of the story as you will see
Is that from now on the greatest rapper is me


MC's you're jockin my style, you're jockin my style boy
You're jocking my style, MC's stop jockin my style
You know you can't touch the flav
MC's you're jockin my style, you're jockin my style boy
You're jocking my style, MC's stop jockin my style
Craig Mack has the phat funk flav

Now I'm sayin, rock funk to the Himalayan
No more delaying, MC's you decaying, I'm staying
Cause now I'm out my cage
And what I do for rap is gonna make front page
Remember back in the days I was just a tyke
I do a rhyme while I do a wheelie riding bike
But now I'm the man with the mic in my hand
Starving MC's like them kids from Siam
Breaker breaker, it's the funk rhyme shaker
Super duper superb slamming like a Laker
Swimmin on MC's like moray eels with mass appeal
Your rhymes are jokes like Dangerfield's
Boy, I'll tell ya, ain't no liver on this continent
I'm dope and you the opposite, the man when I be dropping shit
Raw, I give MC's a headache
Hit your ass so hard and kill your man by mistake
Youse a fake ladies and real niggaz know
Non-stop rockin til it's time to go so bust the flow
I'm a be a round for a while
MC's stop jockin my style


Now everybody put your hands in the air
Wave them shits like you just don't care, aiyyo
You could have a dollar or be a millonaire
Sometimes I think that Mack should be mayor
Now me, myself and I, we three bad motherfuckers
Here to eliminate suckers
I came to rock a party are you ready
Get your Aunt Millie's out I eat MC's like spaghetti
Rap machete, I'll cut your ass like a sword
Into buying rhymes these rhymes you can't afford
I shine like jewelry, ain't nobody schoolin me
I battle anybody just point to who the fool be
Cause you and me, we ain't the same type of breed
I grab the mic and give the crowd what they need, and proceed
To rock the mic since a child
Get off my tip and stop jocking my style


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Composição: Craig Mack / Tyrone Fyffe. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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