Dear victim.
I'm a long time listener but a first time caller.
Dear victim I just wanted to say how sorry
I don't feel about your loss (and my place in it).
A better world?
What would you do in a better world?
But here I go again.
Making one more enemy.
Oh here it comes again.
I said the wrong thing.
I did the wrong thing.
Tore through your safe space.
A slap in the victim's face.
An unauthorized opinion in this house of persecution,
And you know it does more harm than good but we feed it anyway.
Attack, defend, attack again.
One of them I'm one of them.
Attack, defend, attack again - one of them.
So you've got a system down.
How to keep them all running around.
Dishing out apologies so they never stop to say
"I don't owe you anything - you don't know me and never did".
But when all you want to see is a threat and a loaded weapon,
Then sister you know it's guilty of everything.

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