Prozac and vitamins cigarettes and beer
And don't forget to clap and cheer
Prozac and vitamins chill out and relax
But don't forget your income tax

There is a light, there is a way
And a hundred good reasons to stay
There is an end to all your means
Just don't get stuck in between

Playful and innocent beautiful and and strong
But don't forget you're always wrong
Playful and innocent burning out so fast
So don't forget to make ir last

Dive now - you're alive
Genuine feelings of friendship
Seldom come by on september saturdays
Dive now - you're alone
Lost in a clearing with no-one around
Just whispering voices that beg you to stay away

Yelling and arguingwon't get you nowhere
Don't you dare to sit and stare
Fading and vanishing been around so long
You didn't let go now you're gone

How do you know what to say when i look
In your eyes?
You don't look away to show me what's inside
Now i don't understand how you know
What to say when i look in your eyes
You don't look away to show me what's inside

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