Foto do artista D-Sailors

Dedicated To The Soap Stars


You think you have a hard time
But it would be so boring
if you had no problems to talk about.
You complain about being the victim of jokes
Because you are too arrogant to laugh at yourself
And you have the face to show that on TV

You are

Trying to be so cute to others
Trying to look with your father's eyes
Trying to fit well in this system's lies.
Trying to catch the latest news and
Trying to be the children's ace
Trying to make money with your face.

How can you live with the disgrace
Of taking the piss out of millions of fans every day
Do you really think it's entertainment ?
To make a problem out of wearing the right clothes
You are a role model for everyone that stops
society's step ahead.

(Trying) to be continued....

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