Foto do artista Daedalus

The Never Ending Illusion


Mirror in the first light
Leaves of shadow
Slowly fade
Wake up every morning
Find your treasures
By your side
No stain in your existence
Not a suspect veiling your self-esteem
Looking through the glass

Hollow hours waiting for a trace
A sign to follow endlessly
Stillness blinds your consciousness
You're wearing a hidden disguise

Here you lie in this never ending illusion
No way to escape

Slowly your thoughts twist inside your head
Revealing tension pervading you life in every day
Confusion deception
Now release your senses and begin to scan your memories
You've lost your youth lost your innocence
Can't you feel your reason falling down?
Every step sounding like the same
In the mirror your disguise disappears

In your gaze you find what you never supposed to be
Search for the truth deep within

Dim the light and suddenly open your eyes
Touch the glass imprisoning your sight
Take care of every little break you perceive
Don't surrender to this hopeless dream
Never ending
Hanging over you
Try to defy the lies overwhelming your mind
Force the bounds imposed on your will
Inside the gates of illusion don't stare
Through the windows set along this wall
Never ending
As it falls on you

Now you rest in silence embraced in a quiet sleep
The glass is broken
You know there's a new chance to wake

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