Waking time
Dawn enlightens your eyes
Breathing wide when you realize
"Now I've found what I've been looking for
At your side no need to ask for more"
Evening falls, thought has lost its thread
Distant voice echoes in my head

Far beyond expectation
Now I'm lying here
With your curse inside
Trying to rest for a while

I used to be self-sufficient
There's nothing I cannot do
But I feel like I'm unable to stand up
To move or even whisper

During the night I sound my feelings
Hopin' to see a light
'Cos this hollow is bringing
Cold and dark inside

Your promises so far away
Your promises are coming out from the past
And I am lost with my memories
Waiting in this bed
For an ending that could
Deliver me from pain
That is pushing me down

Research can extend for years
I am falling too low to grab your hand
Supplying a remedy
To recover from agony I would survive

The cure is the real disease
I am throwing away my self control
This subject is clear enough
I don't want your version
You're holding in evidence
The power to overcome

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