Down at the end of Thirty-Fourth Street
Where the ocean washes up to the land
That's where I'll find her waiting for me
With a ticket and a suitcase in her hand

And she'll be dressed so elegantly
And her hair will be dancin' in the wind
But all she'll be meeting is a letter from me
Delivered by my closest friend

Excuse me, excuse me
I'm a restless uncontrollable man
And I haven't got the grace
To meet you face to face
And tell you I can't see you again

Excuse me, Don't confuse me
All those things I said in bed
I really meant
But forever's awful long
And I'd only do you wrong
You might never trust a man again

My buddies and me
We live down by the sea
And we play the local club to pay the rent
And on the weekends we get blind
And we drink our share of wine
And forget about more girls that most guys get

But none of them, it's true
Ever shared a spot with you
And I don't believe there'll ever be again
So if you could be so kind
Try and read between the lines
Oh and honey, just remember me at my best

I know it's tearin' you apart
You're hatin' me with all your heart
All I wanted was to simply be your friend
Hope someday you will excuse the tactics that I used
'Cause I'm doin' you a favor in the end

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