Unholy war

We have a sacred mission
A quest for the purity of our church
To purify the infidel hearts
Wich don't believe and trust in our truth
And to spread our legacy
Through all over the world

We're going to conquer a new world
And with the power of our institution
We will kill and destroy all those
Who don't accept our fate

Holy war, we rape their wives
Their children, their lives
Holy inquisition, we make them our slaves
In the name of our church

We control the weak minds
We have the power
So now buy your place in heaven
And let me take away your lives
Our church's the church of evil
And for that we'll take you with us
To burn eternally
In the fire of hell !!!

(This song was made against the bloody acts
of the catholic church and the other christian
religions wich trap the minds of the people.

enviado por um fã!!

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