In the realm of desecration
is yet to be known for all
The malignant ancient prophecy
and the rites of bloody souls
Dark (gothic) sacred chambers
Where (the) ritual (will) happen
The borning of the unnatural

Child of darkness...

Day has finally ended
And torches are burnin' high
Their sins won't be erased
Now the dark is awake
Forever will be
This night we will see
All the punishment will wash the earth
(Behold the supreme Power...)

Rise for me, rise for all
Thy shady bloody eyes
Reveal thy spirit at the borders of time
Come to life, open our minds
(And) Give us the gift of the dark eternal life !

Once the'll make their oaths alone
In the halls of sacred putrefaction
Now our child can flay alone
Despising the liars of the light
Once they'll see thy powers unfurl
They'll cry for the end of the darkness !!!

Repeat 2nd and final verse

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