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Insanity's Crescendo

Dark Tranquillity

Gently hold our hands
Gently hold our heads on high

Aimless time in fear new hide
Overthrow the plan
Confusion lies in all my words
Mad is the soul

We barricade ourselves in holes
Of temperament
This is the dawning of a new age
A heart that beats the wrong way
Insanity's crescendo

Windcolour - second sight
A touch of silence and the violence
Of dark
Illusion span - the aroma of time
Shadowlife and the scent of nothingness

Infinite fall of instinct
Order of one spells deceit
Infinite lack of trust
Order of one obsolete

Oh escaping time is all we lost
When it's found, can judgement
Make amends?

From force-fed impressions
Let us mortify the mind
Each soul to violate
Each instinct to be rendered false

Torn asunder be the conventional
Forms and frames
Now for the blood of heaven
Unlearn and the cleansing comes

Felt a tremor in the pillars of
The senses
Cursed victim of a distance near
The first dream - the clearest

Aimlessly steer towards our night
We belong to thee
Oh dearest bliss, unnerving silence
Entangled within

Dimly begotten in clarity found
Virginlike tears for impurity bound
Beseech be who darken the stars
And the sky
To greet now this vision an emerald

Empty the Sun - carve out the wind
Insanity's crescendo
Tear out the blinded eye

Lament of thunder - take comfort
In fear
Lightning veins in crude exterior
Voice the oppression - voice the
Lay down the law that made instinct

Escape now and revert
This cleansing rebirth
Torn asunder be
Affect me not: Darkened vision
Insanity's crescendo

Grimly tread the footsteps torn
Rebellious stand the seeker tall
The thorn of insanity's hand
Take this darkened vision from
My sight

Nailed to the image of idnorance
Each soul to violate
For the blood of heaven

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Composição: Fredrik Johansson / Martin Henriksson / Mikael Stanne / Niklas Sundin. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.


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