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Darkest Before Dawn

This is all we know, and it will stay this way.

This is all that matters; right now, is all that matters right now.
This is all we know.
Right now is all we know, is all that matters in this place.
I pray we show your grace, like in your face.
We've been beat down. this is all that matters, better fall in line.
Random phrases, mostly lies, better get it right.
This is a sign of what's to come.
Like it or not, that's what you've heard, time after time.

It cannot stay this way. for all we know, we have led them all away.
What everyone else sees is not veracity, but pure hypocrisy.

Now you've crossed the line; it's over for you.
You've gone too far for me. you can't stop me.
Your colors are black and white; let us shed some blood on this situation.

I know this cut is going deep under the knife.
Though the surgeon is god, you are not patient.
For after all, he's given you everything!
You've made your own rules and watched them follow in your ways,
But not necessarily in his. have you forgotten?
He died, but he came back for you. jesus!

This is what matters right now,
Is a relationship with your father through jesus christ!

We would be fools to back out of this life where sin will not exist.
We'd be fools to oppose this bliss: life where sin cannot exist.
So end these acts of self-serving democracy.

Moral of the story is: it cannot stay this way. vagary.
He's done too much for this to fade away. vagary.
Reverse this perilous trend. god i pray: vagary.

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