For encouragement in such a large environment, i seek the diligent; the stern. for the love of god, i seek so much, i can hardly stand. but, i can dance like there's no one around but the one and only one i need. and for this one time only, he's given me everything you see, and everything you don't.
You've given me only two choices, but the one is the only one i need. though the path is narrow, it's not hard to find. and sure it's hard to stay on, but one man tried. with perfect success, one man died. for this perfect success, i will try.
A mother does not endure such pain to watch her children rot in a cell. a child is not born to rot in a cell. a mother does not give birth to go through the pain; hell was not meant for us.
Dear god, i love you with everything i have. because it is, and always was, already yours. because of who you are, i am here. and we exist, because of who you are. through jesus christ i worship you, abba father.
I seek so much. because of who you are, i seek so much. i seek you.

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