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We Need a Revolution

Dead Prez

I'm tired
I'm tired
I'm tired of struggalin dog.
I'm tired of struggalin dog.
The system ain't gonna change,
Unless we make it change.
The white is the rock house,
Uncle sam is the motha fuckin' pusher man.
What i gotta do to make sure ya understand?
Spinnin' on the beat-box timbaland,
What i gotta do?
Kidnap a lil'
Take a melody?
Make it relevant? hold a harmony hostage
To these people, army verses,
That's the arms in the churches,
Bombs in the purses,
Just when you think it's calm on the surface,
We bomb on the first,
Uncle tom get nervous and reverse.
Revolutionary curse words
First come, first served.
It ain't no loss, though,
Freedom cost blood
That's the word to the mouth bird, nigga.

We need a revolution,
We need a revolution,
The system ain't gonna change unless we make it change.

(black power) we need a revolution, (army g's)
We need a revolution, (army g's)
The system ain't gonna change (army g's) unless we make it change. (nigga this that army g's)

Gotta a cure for aids and cancer
Wanna know come follow me now
Diabetes and citracelli and mad cow wanna know how
I can stop these cops from killin'
I can feed these hungry children
I can stop racism, a product of cap-it-a-lism
I can unpack the prisons
And turn religion back to we livin'
I can stop the bloods from pillin' caps
And the crypts from pillin' back
And get yo' cousin off crack
I can stop the war
That's in the black hood
Send the money right back to the po' fo' sho an'
If you with me nigga, let me know
Let's go, if ya really wanna know
(i wanna know)
(we need a revolution)
Mutha fuck they constitution
Army g's off in this think
They hip to the game,
Gettin' off the chains
The system ain't gonna change
Unless we make it change
You are now listening to wibg
The people's radio

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