Here comes the Psycho Dyke from the local P.D.
She's bustin' up the ruckus at The Wine Gallery.
We seek our wisdom from the right Rev. Tater.
She busted Cliff, gosh I hate her.
This studdly cop wants to be a guy.
She's against your freedom and I don't know why.

The Psycho Dyke is after you.
She'll strip search your girlfriend and she'll
beat you black & blue.
She's got nothing else better to do.
The Psycho Dyke is after you.

The Psycho Dyke is sexually confused.
By her own daddy, she was abused.
Gestapo tactics are her cup of tea.
I only hope they don't call her on me.
She lives with her gross girlfiend Alice.
The Psycho Dyke wants a phallus!

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