Daddy's such a nice guy, smokin' and drinkin' booze
No one ever pleases him when he gets into his moods.
I try to hide, but he always seems to find me.
Then i get the beating of my life,
We're a fucked up family.
Mommy seeks asylum through the
Sleeping pills on the bed.
Clothes need washing, house needs cleaning,
And the baby ain't been fed.
She tries to pretend that things will get better.
She don't give a shit when dad get lit,
It's a psycho drama double header.

Little sister in the corner hears
These words each day.
"come here and sit on daddy's lap.
I've got a new game to play"
She closes her eyes and prays someone will kill him.
He never quits or gives up until she finally gives in.

They all think we're screwed up,
But not the family pet.
No matter what shit goes down, he never gets upset.
He wags his tail, i think he's got a hunch.
He just licks his balls and takes a shit,
He knows we're out to lunch.

All the pain and misery
They don't know the hell i see.
I hate you 'cuz you raped me.
Dysfunctional family

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