Split the heads of the bitches and priests yeah
Cut the lips off their screaming cunts
Rip out their eyes and step on their fucking graves
We have nearly begun this bloodhunt
Stab the christians and light up the streets with `em
Let them feel the fires of hell
Unholy legions of death, pain and torture
Arise! its time to slay...

Plague mass

Let loose the oceans of endless hellfire
So that all weaklings will drown
A bloodsoaked sword to cut their flesh wide open
You recieve under a blackened sky
Inverted crosses burns to show you the way
To the place where he kills
Where you shall summon the ancient fires
And finally descend to hell

Plague mass

Behind the gates of hell
Awaits the final death
The earth will burn to dust
Only ashes will be left
Then altars shall be placed
On every holy scene
To remind you how it was
When satan ruled supreme...
Cut open womb of mary
Bring out the unborn son
Raise your knife in contempt
And penetrate his skull
Let them feel the evil
Give them no remorse
This is the dawn of satan
This is our final call

Lead - sergeant salsten - sadomancer

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