Ancient incantation of evil
Hellish fucken worship and glorious upheaval
Conjuring back voices of old
Apocalyptic destruction is waiting to unfold
It is the awakening of the zombie beasts
A merciless onslaught, on our flesh they'll feast
After the unholy summoning they are brought back to life
Voodoo rites
Gruesome creatures of the undead
Arise from their tombs, a massive slaughter is ahead
Awakened from their ancient slumber
Hunting you down with a bestial hunger
Ungodly warlocks in the pentagram of blood, seduced by the flames
Ressurection of the ancient they proclaim
An unholy spell was cast on this black night
Voodoo rites
Mutilation and infernal ravaging is their only will
The ferocious legion of the dead, is coming for you to kill
Lead - sergeant salsten
Diabolic mayhem spawned from a dark oath, the magic rites led to total torment all around
Attacking without mercy, all hope is lost, as yet another mass of creatures arise from the ground
The ferocious horde from beyond cannot be tamed and has rapidly increased
Rotten corpses rip out your guts, but soon you'll walk among them when you're finally deceased
Everyone are dead now left are just blood and gore
Satan's evil warriors are thirsty for more
The dawn of perdition is upon after this night of
Voodoo rites

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