Inquisition Melody
This pretty maid is walking in front of me
With waving hair and deep green shining eyes
Her white wrapping cloth is flowing around . her beautiful body
I almost forgot . my dirty duty. that I have to do


Kill her, Kill!
Burn this evil witch!
Kill her, Kill!
Let the fire burn!

Her heart beats fast like a drum
When they walk beneath
The lawyer's balcony
Onto the market place


The crowd is shouting out
In euphoria
The slaughter guides her now
Onto the stake

Ab insidiis diaboli, libera nos, domine!
Erge, drago maledicte et omnis legio diabolica,
Omnis immunde spiritus,
Omnis satanica potestas,
desine ecclesiae nocere et eius liberati laqueos iniicere.
Vade, satana, inventor et magister omnis fallaciae!
Hostis humanae salutis!

This pretty maid is burning in front of me
Her white silky skin is blazing . in bright flames
Her wide open green eyes are starring into mine
I get aware . her pure innocence


I've killed her, Killed!
Burned her virginity!
I've killed her, killed!
In the name of god!

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