It's called the bloodwars of heaven
Lasting over hundreds of years
Seen through milky visions, through eyes that rot
It's a division into black and white
Into love and fear
War between evil creatures and the army of god
Now it's the time for hero quests
Of a holy defender to keep the earth alive
On his ways of honour, on his way of blood

Will he see or will he not
That there's an evil god
On his way to stay alive
Down in the dungeons, down in the hives

Killing feelings always on thy side
No time to run away, no place to hide
Now it's thy life on this killing fields of fallen gods
Fear may protect you
And you may break through
But now it's the time of every holy defender
To carry his sword in the darkness he may enter
Keep strong, keep alive
And close your heart against fears at night


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