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My Pain


Beneath a crown of flowers
The body slips inside
The soul bathed in sweetness
From memories far behind

I feel like i've been breathing depression
Scared, there ain't no place to hide
I feel your words and promises
Came to take control
`been waiting, wasting so much time
You wrapped your fears around my heart

So, please
Sympathize with my pain
And realize you can set me free

Trhough the holes in my walls
The eyes now want to see
Past the smell of petals
That nailed me to the feet

I feel like i've been taken for granted
Stabbed by every inch of your smile
I feel what took my life away
Is here to take my soul
I know i could be purified
If i drank the tears from your eyes

So, please
Sympathize with my pain
And realize who i could have been
You and everybody taught me to fit
Into something that was never mine
So sympathize with my pain

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