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Who could ever take more than we choose to give
I wanted my throat to be yours to slit
I'm the one who hoped you would be the same everyday
So it's not your fault if i expected that much anyway
It's never beyond your ability to justify
When I can't face the whisper in your eyes

I've stayed long enough to know
It takes a smile to see I'm nonsensical
Who could ever be determined to leave
Like some religion, you just believe
As I stare at your feet my hand reaches for the door
Even though it might seem like there won't be much left to livefor
Swallow your breath and whatever things you wanna say
I just know you'll lead my hate astray

I've stayed long enough to know
It takes a smile to see i'm senseless to the soul
I've stayed long enough to know
It takes your smile to see i'm nonsensical

Just take all my pieces and tuck them in the hands of time
'Cause right now all I feel is dead inside

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