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He's A Shithead (Yeah, Yeah)

Dillinger 4

The busdriver's on strike, he had to ride his bike again
I'm so sorry you're pissed about this
He's just a campus communist
You see, sometimes life's not convenient
They saw a chance to take power and they seized it,
Mr. fair-weather revolutionary
Is this your idea of compassion?
I thought one and one and one made revolutions?
If solidarity means nothing now
Then it never really did to you anyhow, dick
He says they're all lazy 'cause he doesn't have a clue
He thinks of the "workers" as just little boys and girls
So when real life hits the fan he will not recognize the stand
And so it's back into his sheltered little world.
Then he moans and he groans 'cause they chose to fight
I hope you freeze on your bike riding home tonight
Understand all of "these people" are someone
Try reading some of the books you're quoting from
Try checking your agenda just for something to do
Because I think you may find that "the man" just might be you

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