Fuck the banks i've heard them but then someone has to cash this check
A third goes to the government and then half goes down to rent
And then what's left seems like a gift it nearly brings tears to these eyes
Cause there's folks in d.c. that sleep in satin sheets and say my value's recognized

Could this be the freedom that my mother spoke of at home?
Didn't life guarantee me anything besides overtime for low-interest loans?
I want to tear this fucker down

You know it seems like it's all "isms" now and which ones you take stock in
But i can't help thinking this cheated feeling's universal when we're all clocked in
And i want to raise cain when the patriots say "take pride in the joys of home"
I wonder if they think their congressmen know what it's like to have collection agents on the phone

Am i one of the "traitors" that my brother railed on at home?
Cause if i am than cheers to them cause at least i know i'm not alone
I want to tear this fucker down

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