Hey what's buggin' down under there?
Why's it screamin'? What's unfair?
Please excuse it. Forget and hide.
Let the shelter swell inside.
Hatch it out now. Watch it squirm.
It's askin' me what's that I learned.
Stay inside. Pull me out of space.
Tread me sprinkling grey
Stay and take my fate
Thought I knew you, stuck out my hand
The bit which I could understand
It's a twisted feeling, staring bored
It's time to burn, I hope I score
Wait for me there, the gas might run
Strike this little, be outdone
Stay inside, pull me out of space
Trip me sprinkling grey
Stay and pave my way (or paint my face)
Pave my way (or paint my face)(x3)

Note: He says different things different times, sometimes
"pave my way" and sometimes "paint my face". Or maybe
something completely different?

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