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Never Bought It

Dinosaur Jr

So, I figured something out
Should I tell you what about?
Let's just say I've done my time
Any show
Be a a tantrum that gets paid
Another tale slips your mind
So why
Are You

I've been reaching every day
And now sudennly I see it
Not just me swinging away
Takes a lot just to relieve me
So why
Are You

It's not convienent any time
Just rip it from my mind
Cause you can give me something fine
You can follow up it's gone
(You) Can't get upset about this song
You can't give me something fine
Give Me
Give Me all
Live it all
Can't stand it anymore

[ack. it's a 'get me' solo ;)]

I've been reaching every day
And now suddenly I see it
It's not just me that throws it away
Never really bought my deal
Every wonder is a reel
Yours aint the only way to feel
So Why