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In Pursuit Of Happiness

The Divine Comedy

Hey, I'm not the type to say one thing and do another
And if it's all right I'd kind of like to be your lover
Cause when you're with me I can't help but be
So desperately uncontrollably happy!
And hey, I'm not the kind to fall in love without good reason
And if that's a crime, then baby I'm committing high treason
Cause when you're with me I'm absolutely and totally
Quite uncontrollably happy!
And hey, I'm not so blind that I can't see where we're allgoing
And it's no fault of mine if humankind reaps what it is sowing
Just as long as we are together for ever
I'll never be anything other than happy!
Hey, don't be surprised if millions die in plague and murder
True happiness lies beyond your fries and Happy Burger...

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