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Apec Really Sucks


apec says it's a friend to all, but if you're poor you'll take the fall. apec says child labour is fine, 2 bucks a day on the production line. they're a friendly bunch like ziang zemin. he likes to play tanks at tiannamen. with apec at your side, it's okay to pracitse genocide. chorus: this apec it really sucks. if you're poor they don't give a fuck. you ain't a millionaire you're out of luck. this globalization turns my guts. this apec it really sucks. it really sucks -- it sucks. apec says it's for you and me but it's just big money opportunity. apec says it's the way of tomorrow but in east timor it's only sorrow. and if you say that this shit sucks you'll get a rifle butt in your guts. the prime minister turns a blind eye we can't let those profits die. (chorus)

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