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Armageddon Time


Yeah there's time, but not much time. to get prepared, for the end of the line. there's armies ready and survivalist. there's plutonium stolen, that ain't been missed. there's terrorists, some are wanted. some of them are publicly funded. there's misinformation and censorship. there's endless lies and power trips. chorus: it's armageddon time. it's way too much. it's armageddon time, better grab your lover. it's armageddon time, every life it will touch. i was drivin' home. turned on news radio. but the reception was bad. they didn't quite know. they'd bombed some targets just near my town. i thought i heard it was burning down. my family, they were there. they were trapped and i was nowhere near. all i could do, was keep on drivin'. all i could do was feel like dyin'. chorus: i hit a road block. the army was there. there were lines of cars everywhere. there were people crying, and mass confusion. there were new refugees, on the spot conscription. one soldier said when i tried to get thru. there was nothin' left, to go back to. just burned emotions and dreams in smoke. dead whispers and little hope. chorus: armageddon time, can't turn back the clock. armageddon time, don't be so shocked. armageddon time, it's a glass of hemlock.

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